Maritime Tattoo Festival Success!

Deuce Tattoos was honoured to attend the 10th annual Maritime Tattoo Festival in Halifax. Our very  own Bronwin Ironside won second place with her flash sheet! We were quite the team out there. We had the largest booth with Diamanda, Joey Ramona, Laura Blaney and Loorin. Our amazing apprentice Jax Lopex made sure the team was cared for to the max! 

Bronwin was picked to be in the weekly Halifx paper The Coast! You can find her articles here…

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How your deposit works

In order to make an appointment with any of our artists we must first collect a deposit. The deposit is applied to the cost of the tattoo on the day that it is completed unless there is a less than 72 hour cancellation or a no-show. The deposit is collected on the day of the consultation with cash or credit card or via a phone call if a consultation appointment is deemed unnecessary. If it is collected over the phone we simply ask for your credit card information and take care of the deposit. The artist will book the appointment through email or phone. Our receptionists don’t have access to the artists schedules as we all make our own appointments. This is to avoid any double bookings or other confusion caused by miss-communication.

Since we are a busy studio our artists are booked solid for a week to six months it’s very rare that someone doesn’t show up for an appointment or has to cancel at the last minute. When it does happen we have to take the deposit* to cover our time and this is why:

If there is a need to reschedule we like to schedule someone else in that opening. If we only have a day or two to book it it’s usually not possible as most of our clients are busy professionals and parents. Having at least three days to go through our waiting lists or contact clients gives us a little more time for planning. If the appointment opening isn’t booked due to lack of time or someone not showing up it leaves us with hours of time that should have been working time. Since we only get paid when we are tattooing we lose out on any chance of income during that time. This can be a missed opportunity of anywhere from $80 of lost income to upwards of $600 (depending on our hourly rate and the percentage that we receive as pay out from the studio). As you can see, the deposit usually doesn’t cover all of the income we would have made that day but it helps a little

Appointments: If the appointment is simply canceled and not rescheduled we need to get paid for the time we spent drawing the tattoo design and consulting in person or through email. Sometimes we spend a half hour drawing a design and sometimes we spend six hours drawing a design. We spend this time designing because we trust that we will be paid for the drawing time when we do the tattoo. If the tattoo is never done then we have spent a lot of time drawing without any compensation.

Some of our artists drive up to an hour to work at Deuce Tattoos because we love this studio. If we drive in and then find that our appointment has canceled when we arrive we are not only out the income that we would have made that day but also the round trip drive that we make to get here. If the artist draws a design for you and you decide to change the subject matter of the tattoo then the deposit will pay for their time doing the drawings for the original subject. They will then need a new deposit to go toward the new drawings and tattoo.

Additionally, if there are more than 3 changes or adjustments made to the drawing they will need a new deposit so that they are fairly compensated for their drawing time. This makes it fair for everyone. The artist is paid for their time and you get exactly what you want tattooed. Your artist will inform you of the additional charges according the situation.

We would all love to be able to create our art for free but we are all full time tattoo artists and depend on this income to support ourselves and our families. We want to offer you an awesome tattoo and also a great experience getting it. Frustration over missed appointments can tarnish a great experience for all of us.

*There is one important note. We keep a very clean studio and need to be attentive to germs and infection risk. If you are sick or contagious in any way please call, email or Facebook and or Instagram us to cancel your appointment and we will discuss the deposit at that time.

Renegades of business share secrets of success on ‘Croft Talks’

croft talksEver wonder what it takes to launch and run a brewery? Or ever wonder what it takes to run a tattoo and body piercing studio? On Feb. 23 two of Bancroft’s renegade business owners will share their personal, behind the scenes stories with host Barb Shaw on North Hastings’ own talk show, ‘Croft Talks LIVE. For these local business owners, success is all about being different, taking risks and laughing along the way.

This month’s show features Bancroft Brewing Company owner Ray Krupa as well as Lisa Star-Bickert from Deuce Tattoos. Both of these local business renegades will dish the dirt on the realities of making a business work in Bancroft.

And while the Bancroft Brewing Company and Deuce Tattoo are not looking to attract the youth market, the rest of us might want to take some notes because joining the two business experts are Bancroft Youth Advisory Board members Jade McCarthy and Sam Riedl. These members of the YAB will be on the show to talk about a recent project called, “Beading Boredom.” The YAB looked at businesses around our community and then compiled a list of youth and family friendly spaces. Find out what they looked for and hear which businesses made the list.

Each month ‘Croft Talks tackles the big stories and the small stories and dives deeper into what these stories mean to our community. We cover anything of interest and add a bit of humour to keep each show flowing all from the stage of the Village Playhouse in Bancroft.

Tickets are $5 and will be available online at or at the door. All proceeds support the Bancroft Village Playhouse Repair Fund. Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7pm.

‘Croft Talks LIVE is sponsored and supported by Deuce Tattoos and the Bickert Family. “Croft Talks LIVE is produced by Plan B Communications Consulting in partnership with the Bancroft Village Playhouse and Hospice North Hastings. Our set was generously donated by Leon’s Bancroft. The show is taped live at the Playhouse and then released as a podcast.